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Insurance Coverage in Personal Injury Matters

Massachusetts Insurance Coverage and Personal Injury Attorney

Albano Law, LLC is committed to helping personal injury victims recover the fair compensation necessary to address the financial hardships associated with serious accidents.  Mr. Albano is a Massachusetts attorney with more than three decades of experience handling insurance claims litigation.  He has been involved in a number of multi-million dollar insurance-related cases, including one case that involved in a recovery in excess of $24 million dollars.  He has obtained multi-million dollar jury verdicts and has been actively involved in resolving several cases in the one to five million-dollar range. 

Albano Law, LLC represents injured parties and their families in a diverse range of personal injury matters, including: 

  • Wrongful death
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Automobile, motorcycle and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Other types of injury and accident cases

Through many years of defending insurance carriers and large corporations against personal injury and other liability claims, Mr. Albano has gained an in-depth understanding of how the insurance industry responds to cases.  He is intimately familiar with the procedures, processes and tactics used by insurance companies to investigate claims and minimize payments to injury victims.  As an experienced Massachusetts insurance claims attorney, Mr. Albano leverages this unique insight to develop innovative case strategies aimed at securing the fair and just compensation. 

Extensive Understanding of Insurance Coverage Matters

When a person is seriously injured in an accident, or an individual or business enterprise otherwise sustains substantial loss or damage, an effective legal remedy almost always depends upon the existence of insurance coverage available to compensate for the loss.  This is because the legally responsible party is often without assets or income to fairly compensate the injured party.  This results in a grave injustice when the injured party is actually deprived of the compensation that the law provides for. 

Mr. Albano works from the outset to identify and evaluate all avenues of insurance coverage that may be available to compensate his client.   In many situations, multiple parties are involved in the underlying incident, each with varying levels of responsibility for the loss and each with different types and levels of insurance coverage available to pay compensation to the injured parties.  In these circumstances, Attorney Albano, with his extensive knowledge and experience in insurance claims and coverage matters and insurance coverage litigation, works to uncover and analyze and bring into play all potential insurance policies and insurance coverages that may be available to fairly compensate his client. 

As a veteran Massachusetts personal injury attorney, with extensive expertise in insurance coverage matters, Mr. Albano knows how to identify and trigger available insurance coverage and to effectively work with and negotiate settlements with insurance companies.  He strives to recover all compensation that may be available under the law, including reimbursement for immediate and long-term medical care, lost wages, physical disability and other damages and expenses related to the incident.  

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or need assistance in resolving a dispute with an insurance company, contact Albano Law, LLC.  Attorney Mark J. Albano offers initial consultations without charge.  He can be reached at 413.736.3500 or